Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When was my set/snare made?

A: Assuming the badge is intact, Oaklawn badged drums were produced from 1961-71, Chanute from 1971-73, and Los Angeles from 1973-77. During the Oaklawn era's first few years the drums had three and four ply shells. By the mid 1960's they went to six plies. If you have a keen eye you can count the plies. We can help with identifying your drum or set if you need help.


Q: How much is my set/snare worth?

A: Camcos are sought after and are in shorter supply compared to other vintage U.S. brands due to the lower production they had over the years. That has driven prices high for original sets in great condition. Most kits have not made it through the years without some type of modifications or damage. These types of things bring down the value. So, originality is a big factor in determining value. Other determining factors are the sizes of a set, and the presence of a matching snare. In today's market bebop kits (those with an 18" bass drum, 12" rack tom and 14" floor tom) have trumped all others for setting high market prices. In general the Oaklawn era drums command higher prices than the other two but there are always exceptions. If you want help evaluating your kit feel free to contact us.


Q: I need a specific part. Do you have any?

A: We may but your best bet is to try eBay, or one of the drum forums out there. We have found good communities at and The site often has Camco parts and shells available as well.


Q: My set needs repairs or refinishing. How do I do it myself or who do you recommend?

A: Some of us who are handy and unafraid to attempt bigger jobs will find useful tutorials for many of these things on the drum forums we mentioned previously. In Los Angeles, Chris Heuer at Heuer's Drum Lab has done exceptional work on vintage drums and can be trusted to do things the right way. Pro Drum shop in LA is also great as is Fork's in Nashville, Memphis Drum Shop, and Steve Maxwell's in Chicago and Manhattan. In Sydney, Australia we recommended Steele Turkington at Kentville Drums


Q: I am looking to buy a Camco set - do you have any for sale?

A: We might! We not only love to play the kits we have but we enjoy the process of restoration and every now and then have a kit or two to spare. The other places to check are eBay,, and reputable drum dealers who specialize in vintage drums. For that we feel very good sending people to Steve Maxwell's, Drugan's Drums or Revival Drum Shop in Portland, OR.